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Auto-Redirect Anyone Who Taps Your Warlord Optin Button Straight to a Paid Offer, Sales Funnel or Affiliate Offer

This could be the most "no-brainer" upgrade ever...

Heck, you can even redirect them to your blog...

Instantly Monetize Every New Lead


Create Warlord Optin Pop-Ups on Your Site or Blog that ONLY Show for Mobile Visitors

Two Awesome Features of

Warlord Optin Elite

Generate Sales Instantly

(not just "later" via email)

Dear Warlord Marketer,

(that's right, you're one of us now)

How would you like to instantly monetize your traffic by auto-redirecting every visitor who taps your Warlord Optin button straight to any website of your choice: whether it’s a paid offer that leads into an entire sales funnel, an affiliate offer, or even your blog or homepage.

Well that’s just ONE of the two amazing features you’ll get when you upgrade to Warlord Optin Elite. The second one is very cool too, but first, let’s focus on this must-have Warlord Optin auto-redirect feature.

Why Instantly Redirect Your Leads?

Look, when your potential leads land on your Warlord Optin page, they’re what’s known as “cold traffic”. Cold traffic means they aren’t familiar with your brand and are less likely to trust you. That’s okay. This is exactly how marketing works.

The point of your squeeze page is not just to gain a lead, it’s to act as that initial encounter with your brand that turns them from completely cold traffic to slightly warmer traffic.

Once a person decides they like what you have to offer and makes that decision to trust you and optin to your list, that’s when they’ve just become warmer. And at that point, they’re proven to have a much higher likelihood of converting on a paid offer. That’s when you want to monetize them - by redirecting them to a paid offer and, preferably, into a whole sales funnel with a low priced front-end or tripwire offer, a higher priced core offer, and a profit maximizer on the back end.

THIS is how you not only generate super high quality leads, but also generate revenue at the same time on complete autopilot.

Now let me tell you why Warlord Optin Elite’s redirect feature is a thousand times more powerful than a typical landing page redirect...

WAY Better Than a Typical Redirect

You see, in most cases, when people come to a typical landing page like this one, they’ll click that little button, they’ll see the optin form, and many of them will end up not opting in.

If you think about it, a typically accepted “good” optin rate is around 30%. That means, 70% of the traffic a marketer sends to a typical optin form ends up being a complete waste of time and money. They’ll never see the next page in the funnel. They’ll never get offered one of your paid products or services. There’s no opportunity to pitch and there’s no ROI from that enormous percentage of people leaving. They’re gone. And remember, that’s considered “pretty good” by most industry standards.

So what happens in the case of Warlord Optin Elite that makes it so different?

You see, when you upgrade to Elite, if someone taps your Warlord Optin button and decides they don’t want to send out that outgoing optin email, and they hit cancel… guess what.

They STILL get redirected to the URL of your choice, which again, will hopefully be a paid offer or funnel.

Take a moment and think about what just happened. Are you starting to understand how earth shattering this is? This means that the age old problem of most of your traffic being a waste of money has suddenly come to an end.

You can now ensure that every single person who comes to your page and taps your button will be shown a paid offer afterwards INCLUDING the ones who end up not opting in to your list, thus vastly increasing the degree to which you’re able to profit from the traffic you spent so much time, money, and effort driving to your page. THIS truly changes everything.

Now, although we highly recommend you monetize your traffic as quickly as possible, there are some people out there who might prefer to send someone to their blog, a piece of helpful content, or even a Facebook page after they tap the Warlord Optin Button. That’s perfectly fine. You can send people to any URL you’d like.

The point is, with Warlord Optin Elite, you have complete control of where all your traffic goes after they tap your Warlord Optin Button.

Warlord Optin Elite Solves This Problem...

Elite Feature #2:

Warlord Optin Pop-Ups

Now, first, I have to confess, this next feature was so cool and exciting that I was seriously tempted to package it separately as yet another offer you’d have to pay more for. In fact, I didn’t finally decide to add it to the Warlord Optin Elite upgrade until about a week before our launch, and it’s so valuable that I’m still not certain I’m going to let it stay here in the future. So count yourself lucky if you’re on this page right now.

This next feature will greatly expand your ability to leverage any visitors to your site without you having to worry about driving mobile-vs-desktop traffic.

What we’ve recently created is a game changing new timed pop-up WITH your Warlord Optin Button on it, that you can put on any page or post of your Wordpress site or blog, and that will ONLY pop-up for Mobile devices. It’s called, the Warlord Optin Pop-up (yeah I know, not very imaginative).

That’s right, you’re not restricted to focusing purely on a landing page where you have to try to send mobile-only traffic. We’re talking about your entire website or blog. As your mix of desktop and mobile traffic comes in to your website or reads your blog articles, the Warlord Optin Pop-up will Intelligently analyze the device that each visitor is using and it’ll display the pop-up with your Warlord Optin button, only to those visitors using mobile devices.

Now THAT is cool!

Bonuses for Monetizing Your List...

So, there you have it, two amazingly powerful software features plus some awesome bonuses bundled into one low-priced elite upgrade.

One that’ll redirect your visitors and let you instantly monetize your new leads and another that’ll automatically detect which of your blog readers or site visitors are mobile and display a Warlord Optin Pop-up directly to them.

So if you’re ready to start leveraging these two awesome tools, click the button below, and i’ll see you on the inside.

Warlord Optin Elite

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