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Collect the Best, Primary Email and Real Name from Every Lead

"Absolutely incredible what they've done here... So simple, yet so earth-shattering. This will change everything..." - Dave Nicholson

Skyrocket Your Open Rates & Profits

This video reveals how we boosted Open Rates by 537% and Profit by 954%...

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• Less Inbox Competition

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• Quality Contact Info

Randy & Simon

"Incredible, what they've done... So simple, yet so earth-shattering. This will change everything..."

Mario Brown

Dave Nicholson,

Omar Martin

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Wanna learn how to 5X your open rate and 10X your profits?

I had said goodbye to an 11-year Air Force career...

Dear Internet Marketer,

So you probably already realize email marketing is getting harder and harder, open rates are super low industry-wide, especially in the internet marketing niche, inbox competition is sky-high, and most people are lucky if they make one or two sales a week when they send out emails.

This is my average open rate from one month of email marketing after I implemented that trick I’m going to show you in a moment.

Look at that. A 537% increase.

Guess how much I made from email marketing that month...

But, it doesn't have to be this way...

It is possible to actually make money from email marketing. In fact, I'd like to share with you the one trick I used to more than 5X my open rates and 10X my revenue generated from email marketing.

Yup... $1,272.80.

Now that may not sound like a lot, but that was almost a year ago when I was just starting out, and it was an increase of 954% in email marketing profit.

Let me show you something...

That is my average open rate from a month of email marketing the "old way".  6.67%...  Pathetic? Yes. Unusual? No.

And guess how much money I made from email marketing in that month...

I was ecstatic. I had finally accomplished my main goal for that year:

Yup. Barely over a hundred bucks... Sadly, this has become very common today. In fact, it might even look familiar to you.

Now, let me show you a more recent month of email marketing.

...and successfully launched a profitable online business that I could run from home while spending more time with my family.

Since then my wife and I have gone on to build a six-figure online business, called Warlord Entrepreneur.

But you’re not here to listen to my life story...


What caused this difference?

The question you want answered is...


What took me from an absolutely abysmal open rate and almost no revenue,

to a super high open rate and the ability to make money every time I hit send?

Before I answer that...

Let's talk about why your email marketing currently sucks!

And we wonder why our email open rates are rock bottom and why we're not making any money from our list?

Have a look at this. This is a typical list building setup. You want that free gift and to get it, you’re going to type in an email address.

Their best email address?

lol...  NOPE.

Be Honest:

What do YOU usually type into that opt-in form? 

Your best email address?

lol...  NOPE.

The Majority of Your List is Full of Email Addresses that:

  1. They rarely check.
  2. They reserve for "promotional junk".
  3. Have inboxes full of hundreds of competing marketing emails.
  4. Are bad for the health of your list.
  5. And are sometimes flat out FAKE.

First of all, statistics show that  up to a third of you have typed in a fake email address a few times in the past. (You know who you are). Of the rest of you though, most of you probably have a secondary email address of some sort. Maybe it’s one you used to use but you don’t check it as much any more. Maybe it’s one you reserve specifically for lead magnets and promotional stuff where you’ve got a million marketers bombarding you every day in your inbox. And you almost never check that and you tend to ignore the hundreds of promotional emails you get in there.

This is the list building status quo you’ve been told to accept.

Point is:

It’s not your best email address.

We can answer that by asking you one simple question:

What do you do when you encounter someone else's lead page?

Now don’t feel bad. It’s normal. It’s what almost everybody does. 


News Flash: They're doing the same thing everybody does!

They're filling your opt-in form with crappy, secondary email addresses (and sometimes even fake ones).


Which brings us to the next question...

And you're probably not even collecting names because some guru told you to drop the name field to boost conversions (C'mon, do higher conversions even matter if your leads are crap?)

When YOU build a squeeze page...

Are You Kidding?

And YOU send traffic to it...

What do you think THEY are typing into YOUR Opt-in Form?

And this is what it gets you:

So How Do You Fix This?

(Read Carefully)

If you want to actually make sales with your email marketing, you must reject that status quo.

You must cast aside the traditional,

out-dated lead generation model.

That is how we boosted open rates by 537% and boosted profits by 954%

You need to be collecting people’s best, primary email addresses.

Email addresses they actually check, regularly, a hundred times a day.

Email addresses with little or no inbox competition from other marketers.

Primary Emails and Real Names. That's It.

(And yes, from time to time, you’ll want to use their name in the subject line so you can boost your open rates by a further 30 percent, so you’ll want to collect their real name too.)

and we've been doing it without using any forms for leads to type in...

So How Do You Capture Their Best, Primary Email Address?

How Does it Work?

Website Compatibility?

Warlord Optin buttons work on most major web builders that allow html shortcodes, including WordPress, OptimizePress 2.0, InstaPage, Weebly, and more.

I'll give you a hint...

It's by leveraging something your audience relies on for 70% of their online activities


Yup. Whether you like it or not, the vast majority of your traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Tablets and Phones...

And when every one of your potential leads first bought and setup their phone or tablet, guess what email address they setup in their email app...

Their Best, Primary

Email Address.

And how do we grab it?


Autoresponder Integrations?

In addition to working directly and effortlessly with GetResponse and Aweber, Warlord Optin 2.0 now includes Zapier & IFTTT Modules  so you can connect with almost any email platform out there including MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact, Active Campaign, SendReach, and more!



Warlord Optin is an earth-shattering new list building tool that leverages your lead's email app in order to grab their best, primary email and the name associated with their email account and automatically adds that contact info to your autoresponder list.

Pre-Written Messages?

Yes, this is a custom message that you create, but it's being sent from the lead. (e.g. "Yes, please send the Spiced Christmas Goose recipe to my inbox, ASAP!")

What is it?

Custom "Magic Buttons"?

Yup. Your "magic buttons" can look however you want them to. All you need is a source image. You can even have a cute little puppy with the caption "tap my nose" if you want.

(It's Best Just to Watch the Entire Video Above)

Which Mobile Devices?

Warlord Optin buttons work on any mobile device that utilizes an email app or email "client". This includes almost all smartphones and tablets (we haven't found one it doesn't work on yet!)

Goodbye Opt-in Forms

Step 1: Warlord Optin creates a special "magic button" that, when tapped, prompts the lead's email app to draft a pre-written email of your choosing (ideally something like "please send me the free gift").

Step 2: When the lead taps the  "send" button, that email is then sent from their primary email account to a special Warlord Optin integration email address that automatically adds the lead's primary email and name to your autoresponder list as a new contact.


Is That All?


Warlord Mobile Links is a brand-new feature that allows you to bypass buttons and landing pages altogether and simply deploy the Warlord Optin effect inside the textual content of your website, blog, or even your emails.

Warlord Mobile Links

Plus Three More Modules

The Hybrid Optin Method allows you to accommodate web traffic indiscriminately, regardless of whether it's desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

The RetroActive Leads module empowers you to reach backwards into your current email list and salvage some of your hard-earned leads by converting them to Warlord-Quality leads.

The Masterclass will help you get the maximum value out of Warlord Optin. It teaches everything from button generation to landing page design.

Epic Bonuses

Squeeze Page Critique and Consultation

To Help You Accomplish Your Marketing Goals, We're Also Throwing These In:



I'm famous in this industry for skyrocketing conversion rates.  I can charge big bucks for this type of advice and consulting.

When you've got a Warlord Optin Squeeze Page up and running, I will personally critique it myself and offer consultation and advice on how to improve it and maximize your conversion rates.

Very Limited

To my fellow industry leaders and vendors:

Yes, I know it is non-standard and silly to offer this type of hands-on bonus to literally every person who buys this low-priced product on sale today.

Yes, I know it will take a lot of my time and it's something I should be charging an hourly fee for.

...but this wouldn't be the first time I've broken a few rules, would it?  ;)


Dual 30-Day Guarantee

Full Refund and You Keep All The Bonuses


$1,000 Value Back


Our Dual Guarantee

To show how absolutely certain we are that Warlord Optin will improve your email marketing, we're offering an unprecedented Dual Guarantee. If you decide, within 30 days, that Warlord Optin does not help your open rates, then not only do you get a full refund, but you will also get to keep all of the amazing bonuses on this page, a $1,000 value.

Warlord Optin

P.S. Hopefully you watched the video at the top and you understand the magnitude of what's happening on this page... 

You can now effortlessly collect primary, best email addresses and real names. You can build the most high-quality, responsive list ever. You can experience open rates and email sales like never before. Click the button above, before the sale ends and say goodbye to low open rates and stagnant revenue forever.

Special 2.0 Launch Price:

Let's Recap:

Here's what you're getting on this page:

  • Warlord Optin Software ($3,000 Value)
  • Warlord Masterclass ($50 Value)
  • Warlord Retroactive Leads ($100 Value)
  • Warlord Hybrid Optin ($50 Value)
  • Eleven Epic Bonuses ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $4,200

You know the drill. This is a big product launch. And as always, during a product launch, you won't pay anywhere near what the product is worth. But, after that timer ends, the price goes up. Today, until that timer hits zero, you can grab Warlord Optin and all these added bonuses for the insane low price you see below. So, if you're ready to skyrocket your list building, lead quality, open rates, and email marketing profits, click the button below and let's get started.

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